Ferrexpo - Головний спонсор

Year after year

1955-1967. The birth of the team.

In the middle of 50th  of the last century football team which protected the colors of «Kolgospnyk» was created by initiative of main secretary of regional committee of Communist Party of Ukraine of Mikhail Stakhurskij in Poltava. In official matches the young team began to appear in 1955 within the framework of the championship of Ukraine among the collectives of physical culture. And already in the next year «Kolgospnyk» won the first trophy - The Cup of Ukraine. In 1957 Poltava found status masters’ team and took part in the class «B» of the allied championship, where conducted 11 seasons. In 1965 the team first changed the name and began to be named «Kolos».


In the season - 68 Poltava started in the second group of class «A» under the new name -»Silbud». But already the next year the unusual name was changed into usual for those times -»Budivelnyk». After reorganization of soccer economy in the USSR in 1971 Poltava was forced to leave in the second league where it played without loud successes the following 12 seasons. In 1982 «Kolos» took the last place in the Ukrainian area of the second league, and was disembodied after termination of season.


At the beginning of 1984 the main team of the oblast was «reanimated» under the new name. It be¬came «Vorskla». The team began the way upstairs again. As once, «Vorskla» was coming from the championship of republic among the collectives of physical education to the second league of the allied championship for three seasons. In 1988 «Vorskla» finished on the second place. Poltava did not have a trifle to outstrip «Bukovina» and try luck in a fighting for a tour in the first division.

1992-2005. The newest history. Rise of «Vorskla».

After disintegration of Soviet Union Ukraine began to conduct its own national championship. On results 1991 «Vorskla» went in the first league, where was five seasons. In 1995/96 Poltava ga¬ined the lead collecting a record amount -103 po¬ints and went in an elite, where at once won a «bronze». It opened way to prestige Euro cup tour¬naments. «Vorskla» conducts in a major league last 10 seasons. The team took a start in the Euro cup campaign three times over this years (2 times – in the Cup of UEFA, 1 - in Intertoto).

2005... Step by step to success!

In April of 2005 the company with blameless reputation became the general sponsor of eno¬rmous soccer structure. This company is FERREXPO. Holding by honoured president of the club Konstantin ZHEVAGO also completely began to help «Vorskla» like partner's rights. There are bank «Finances and Credit», Stahanovskiy carriage works, the company «Rosava», Poltava mining combine (Ferrexpo Poltava Mining), the holding company «Avto-Kraz», the manufacturer of trucks KrAZ, the combine «Kremenchug-meet», the farmacy corporation «Arterium», the company «Vorskla-steel», Stakhanovskiy factory of technical carbon, a trade house of the Berdichevsk machine-building plant «Progress».