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Полтава - Духовна столиця України

Poltava - regional center of independent Ukraine is located on the two banks (mainly - on the right) of the river Vorskla. Slavonic settlement of Ltava, being on territory of present Poltava, was founded more than 1100 years ago and had time for this time to see a great deal. The waves of nomads were gone rolling here, reserving fire and ash. Weak earth became the easy booty of the Great duchy Lithuanian, and later - Polish feudal lords. In the middle of the 17th ages, in the period of liberation war of the Ukrainian people, Poltava got up under the colours of Bogdan Khmelnitskiy. In the years of North war our earth became the arena of military operations against invaders. Exactly the battle under Poltava decided the result of war, putting of that time Russia in the row of great European powers.


In 1802 Poltava became the center of province with a population of 8 thousands people. Today more than 300 thousand habitants live in Poltava.

 Poltava takes care about the memorable places related to the visiting of the town by personages Peter I, Alexandr Suvorov, Ivan Kotlyarevskij, Panas Myrny, Anton Makarenko, Vladimir Sukhomlinskij, Nikolaj Gogol and many others. Poltava became a hometown for a famous writer Korolenko and artist Myasoedov. Lunacharskiy and Kondratyuk were born here.

Poltava is a large economic, scientific and cultural center. In town always loved and love sport. Central stadium «Vorskla» is in a comfortable place, in the center of city. It is not difficult for fans to reach it from another city - from a bus terminal by trolleybuses or busses to the bus stop in Sennaja Street, from the South or Kiev’s railway stations – the same, or to the bus stop «Majdan Nezalezhmosti». Also it is possible to reach the destination practically from any district of the town by a rout taxi, or by busses, plying by a «circular» route.


There are many places to see in Poltava - more than ten museums, Gallery of modern art, legitimate and doll dramas, great number of restaurants and cafes, movie theaters, casinos and nightclubs.

It is possible to stop in four stars hotels «Gallereja», «Alleja Grand», «Palazo» or in hotels by lower level such as «Ukraina», «Kiev», «Turist».