Ferrexpo - Головний спонсор


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Woke up early in the morning, and with a bunch of new ideas, laid out on a sheet of A-4 format, rushed to the office, perhaps not even having time to even drink morning coffee? So, apparently, the morning of many cities begins. But creativity on a hungry stomach is unlikely to succeed during the day; therefore, it is necessary to refresh to increase brain and physical activity. From now on you are ready to contribute to the restaurant «Vorskla», located on the second tier of the same stadium, in the very heart of Poltava! Several types of delicious complex dinners are said to be on any purse, prepared for you by the very restaurant staff who execute orders even for demanding players. From 12:00 you will already be waiting for a well-known address - Maidan Nezalezhnosti, 16. Moreover, as before, managers will individually discuss with visitors the festive menu for celebrations for any occasion.

Moderate prices and a high level of service will create a truly comfortable atmosphere for you, and you will definitely want to come back here.

The schedule of the restaurant «Vorskla» - from 12 to 23 hours daily. Try it once and take the rule of eating delicious and inexpensive every day!