Ferrexpo - Головний спонсор
Дитяча юнацька фізична школа ФК Ворксла


The great begins with small – a simple life truth, which is best seen in soccer. In order to grow a tree, it is necessary to throw a grain beforehand in the earth. And then for years to care, protecting from various factors of the influence of the environment...

Every day, on the phones of the main office of the Vorskla Football Club, calls from parents whose children would like to play football at a professional level. It happens, on the contrary, that it is Mom and Dad more than the boy himself, no matter what, to give his child to a children's and youth school. In principle, both options have the right to life, and the school of «white-green» is happy to meet everyone who has a desire to seriously engage in the number one game...


«Above the entrance to the Ajax Amsterdam Academy, which is renowned throughout the world as one of the best schools for the training of talented people, there is a sign with a slogan that» teach more important than win. «We are also trying to follow this rule», - says Vadym Kasimov, head coach of FC Vorskla football academy.


Every year on the school floor parents bring more and more those who have the attraction to engaging in sports number one. Vorskaly has already brought up a lot of personalities known to football in Ukraine. And this continuous process continues. New facilities for classes are growing, mini-platforms are being built and full fields are laid out - all for future generations.


«Recently, we have spoken and clearly defined ourselves priorities for the future - we will educate our own change, and everyone who will be able to declare himself is not a full voice, will have a carte blanche in order to eventually play in the main football team of the region. There is no doubt that the local pupils have more desire, motivation and responsibility for the result. We must necessarily contribute to their formation and development not only as athletes but also as individuals. Feeling great responsibility for everyone who crosses the threshold of our school, we promise to do everything in our power to make the future change comfortable with our great friendly family called the Vorskla Football Club.

You can subscribe to the selection for FC Vorskla football academy by calling +38 (067) 572-56-88.

We remember the past. Realize the present. We believe in the future!

FC Vorskla (Poltava)