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Benefits of partnership with us.

The Vorskla Football Club is always the first and most famous team in the Poltava region, which is part of the cohort of the strongest football clubs in Ukraine. Visit of one home match from 5000 to 20,000 thousand fans. We have been playing in the Ukrainian Football Premier League for more than 20 years with the Ukrainian football's grandees, and position ourselves as the top football club in Ukraine. Evidence of this is conquered by the team of the cups, medals of the Ukrainian championship, and appearances in the Europa League. Matches with the participation of FC Vorskla broadcast on the national Ukrainian TV channels Football 1, Football 2, 2+2, UNIAN. Our matches are viewed by a huge television audience (both Poltava and supporters of the opponent's team from another city), and if we play against the grands of the Ukrainian championship or in European competitions, then the audience of telecasters extends beyond Ukraine. Broadcasting of our matches allows your company to reach the viewer's audience of the whole of Ukraine. It's been known for a long time that football is a game of millions, and the army of fans of this game is increasing every day.

All this is proof that any company that is a partner of our football club, receives direct contact with its target audience, which is growing every day.

Your TV advertising

The Vorskla Football Club Poltava offers you to place your advertisement on our Vorskla stadium (the advertising boards at the football field where your advertisement will be placed). All spectators at the stadium and all TV viewers all over Ukraine will now be able to see your advertisement while watching football matches with the participation of Vorskla FC. After all, when we play against a team from another city and there is a television broadcast, this match looks on the screens as thousands of Poltava players and thousands of fans of the rival team, so as a result, you get a thousand-thousand audience in front of which your billboard with a logo or the name of your company, and if you have an internet resource then your web address.

Your ad for the spectators at the stadium.

Home matches of the Vorskla football club are attended by thousands of fans. All fans at the stadium can become your potential

Customers see your ad.

There are the following options for placing your ad on the audience at our stadium:

Advertising banners located opposite all sectors of the stadium;

           Youre advertising tents for pre-match promotions;




Cabinets for spare players located opposite the central sectors of the stadium where thousands of fans sit.







           Ваші рекламні палатки для передматчевих промоакцій;


           Кабінки для запасних гравців що знаходяться навпроти центральних секторів стадіону де сидять тисячі вболівальників.



Outdoor advertising on the perimeter of the Vorskla stadium

We offer you to place an outdoor advertisement (advertising banner) along the perimeter of the «Vorskla» stadium, where high pedestrian and car passability is possible for your future customers. Advertising with us, gives your company a significant advantage over your competitors. We have the opportunity to offer you various options for placing your advertising banners at our stadium.










Advertising on post-match press conferences

We offer you to place your advertisements in places of post-match press conferences with team trainers and in places of interviewing with football players.

Conference room (banner-background, flagpoles, etc.);

Mixed Zone (banner background).

Your ad is in the form of our football club

A large number of world-renowned companies, both in Ukraine and around the world, to affirm their impeccable status and for PR, place logos of their brands on the form of football players of various football clubs. We suggest you place your brand logo on the form of our players. Throughout the entire football match, football players close up on the objectives of television cameras, so the logo of your brand will appear in front of the eyes of dozens, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of viewers. Also, your logo will appear after the match in various print media (newspapers, magazines) and well-known sports Internet resources where post-match news and interviews with our players will be published.

Polygraphic advertising

We offer you to place your company logo on football tickets for sale at home matches of our team. And if you are interested in distributing your promotional cards to all spectators at the stadium, then please contact us. Every fan who bought a ticket for the match will receive along with the ticket and your promotional card.