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FC «Vorskla» symbols

Символіка ФК Ворскла


The main colors of the logo:

a). white, green - the official colors of the club;

b). claret - raspberry - color of the emblem of the city;

c). golden - yellow - the color of victory and abundance (author's decision).

Logo shape and stylistics:

Form - heraldic shield, consisting of several basic symbols of the club;

Style is neoclassicism and an author's decision taking into account the nature of the region;


Basic Logo Symbols:

  • Round card and the year of the club's foundation - a starting point for a big start;
  • Heraldic wings framing the cartoon - the pursuit of the highest goals;
  • Symbolic ribbon with club name - Informative presentation of the club's name;
  • Central shield - a symbol of strong protection and inaccessibility;
  • Arrow and bow at the bottom - willingness to shoot at any moment;
  • The ball is the main football symbol (the correct arrangement of black diamonds);
  • Four six-star stars - the main characters of the emblem of the city - are symbols of light and success.


The mascot of football club «Vorskla» is the lynx Vorskleniatko.