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  1. General provisions

1.1. The rules  of visitors conduct (hereinafter – the Rules) at the Arena Lviv stadium  (hereinafter – the Stadium) during the football matches and other mass events are based on the Law of Ukraine “On peculiarities of public order and ensuring public safety in connection with the preparation and holding of the football matches” (hereinafter –  Law of Ukraine), the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of June 29, 2004 No823 “On approval of the Procedure of arrangement of works  to ensure public order and security during football matches”, European convention on spectator violence and misbehaviour at sports events and in particular at football matches, other acts of effective legislation of Ukraine and  regulatory-administrative document of FIFA, UEFA, FFU, UPL.

2.1. The Rules described below lay down a procedure for spectators conduct at the Arena Lviv stadium during football matches and other mass events.

3.1. A visitor’s entering into the Stadium anticipates visitor’s acceptance and complying with the present Rules which are applicable during his/her entire stay at the Stadium.

4.1. The administration shall not hold responsibility for any visitor’s belongings lost or left while staying at the Stadium.

  1. Visitors have the rights to:

2.1.  Enter the area of the Stadium upon presenting one of the following documents:

a match (event) ticket;

a season ticket;

an invitation;

an accreditation pass of standard type which enables you to pass;

passes for entry of motor transport into the stadium area and its parking, and,  if required, a document which identifies the person;

2.2. Access of visitors to the Stadium shall be allowed not earlier than 2 (two) hours prior to the beginning of a match (mass event), the start time of which shall be determined beforehand and brought to spectators’ information to by mass media;

2.3.  To occupy the seats on the stands of the Stadium according to their tickets, seasonal tickets and substituting documents;

2.4. To use the services provided by luggage rooms, restaurants, fast food outlets, kiosks, cloak-rooms, first aid rooms and toilets ;

2.5. To support their personally chosen football clubs (teams), individual players and coaches with all means and standards of behaviour  not prohibited by law;

2.6. To bring  without limitation to the Stadium stands and use to support the match participants with the following:

official club merchandize;

banners and flags with dimensions up to 2 х 1.5 m, which are made of inflame-resistant materials and on plastic elastic and hollow poles, the dimension of which do not exceed 1.5 m in length and 5 cm in diameter;

2.7. To receive any additional information on the current of events at the stadium, outside the stadium and competitions in other cities.

III.      Visitors are obliged:

3.1. To keep to the public order on the territory of sport facility and other  commonly accepted standards of public order (Law of Ukraine art.17, pgh 2.1);

3.2. To present to the staff responsible for checking mode at the stadium the following documents: tickets, seasonal tickets, invitations, standard accreditation passes which enable you to enter the stadium, passes for entry of motor transport into the stadium area and its parking, and ID, if required;

3.3. To provide safety and security and prevent bringing of prohibited objects. While entering the visitors accept the right of and agree with the conduction of personal search by the Stadium security officers;

3.4. To occupy the seats on the stands of the Stadium according to their tickets, seasonal tickets and substituting documents;

3.5. To show respect to national anthems, flags and signs of other countries, FIFA, UEFA, FFU, UPL and clubs;

3.6. To treat with due care the property of the Stadium and clubs (teams) participating in the football match;

3.7. To show respect to other spectators and participants of the football match, and to persons who assure safety and servicing of the match;

3.8. To inform the representatives of the Stadium security service, stewards, officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other persons who are responsible  for safety and security management about any violation of these Rules along with actual or any potential infringements, about the individuals whose actions or behavior raise suspicions of  intentions to commit infringement, etc;

3.9. To  inform immediately the persons who provide safety and security of any suspicious articles, smoke or fire;

3.10. To obey to the instructions of the stadium security staff in respect of these Rules observance;

3.11. In case of evacuation alert – to act according to the evacuation plan and in compliance with instruction of safety and security staff,  maintain peace and order and avoid causing panic;

3.12. Leave in the storage room any bulk objects, and/or the object forbidden to be brought into the stadium. Any object exceeding the dimensions of 25 х 25 х 25 cm is deemed to be oversized.

  1. The stadium visitors are forbidden to:

4.1. Enter the stadium and watch the match (mass event) in the state of alcohol or narcotic intoxication, and to take narcotic or psychotropic substances on the territory of  the stadium; (Law of Ukraine art.16, pgh 1.4);

4.2. Smoke at the stadium;

4.3. Throw any objects on the football pitch, at players, referees, coaches, security staff or the fans and their vehicles;

4.4. Kindle torches or fire, use of pyrotechnic articles, regardless of their type and purpose, set fire to any object;

4.5. Use coarse, obscene, abusive expressions, gestures, songs, political slogans, chant obscene and degrading slogans and to use threats and intimidation of other spectators, match participants and security providing personnel;

4.6. Discriminate against footballers, coaches, referees, other officials and spectators because of their nationality or race and also agitate, causing any social, racial, national or religious hatred;

4.7. Enter the football field, dressing rooms for players, referees, match delegates, doping control rooms, premises for officials, sky boxes and other specially designated rooms in the Stadium;

4.8. Watch an event in a standing position near their seats, in the aisles, stairways; obstruct the event participants’ and spectators’ movement ;

4.9. Climb seats, fencings, blockings, supporting frames of the stadium;

4.10. Bring to the Stadium animals and birds with the exception of guide dogs for disabled people;

4.11. Use professional photo and video equipment

4.12. Do harm to the property of the Stadium, clubs (teams), footballers, officials, spectators and their vehicles;

4.13. Make any inscriptions or drawings on the Stadium’s buildings, structures and facilities and also leave any  foreign items nearby without permission of Stadium management;

4.14. It is prohibited to bring into the stadium:

any alcoholic beverages, drugs and toxic substances and other stimulants;

drinks in any package

weapons and any other objects s that can be applied as weapons;

stabbing and cutting articles;

objects which may be used as projectiles: cane-like umbrellas, helmets, bottles, cups, glasses, incl. cans, and other items made of glass or any other fragile material, or on the contrary, made of too hard materials, as well as Tetra Pak-like packaging;

smoke bombs, flyers and other pyrotechnics;

dyes and paints;

fire-hazardous, flammable, explosive, poisonous and strongly smelling substances;

radioactive materials;

gas cylinders of neuroparalytic and  lachrymation power;

laser devices;

bulk objects of the size exceeding 25 х 25 х 25 cm.

drums, horns, loudhailers and any other similar items, audio- and video recording devices, professional photo and video equipment, special internet webcasting appliances (with the exception of “home club fans” sectors 9a, 10a at which some of the above mentioned items could be used during the match under strict control of stadium security staff).

Responsibility for Violation of the Rules:

  1. In case the stadium visitors fail to abide by the present Rules, the following punitive measures can applied by the decision of Stadium administration:

5.1. Eject them from the stadium without any further refund of the cost of a ticket, season card or a parking pass.

5.2. Temporary suspension of (for a certain number of matches) the following documents without any further refund:

season ticket of the spectator who broke the Rules;

motor vehicle entry pass;

invitation or document (accreditation pass) of standard type which allows the access.

5.3.  Full cancellation of the following documents without any further refund of their costs:

season ticket of the spectator who broke the Rules;

motor vehicle entry pass;

invitation or document (accreditation pass) of standard type which allows the access.

  1. Responsibility for violation of the Rules:

6.1. Persons who have violated  legislative requirements on public order and public security in connection with the preparation and conduct of football matches, shall bear civil, disciplinary, administrative or criminal responsibility according to the legislation.(Law of Ukraine, art. 19, pgh 1)

6.2.  Persons who have violated the Rules are held liable in accordance with effective legislation of Ukraine;

6.3. Organizers of the event or authorized persons of the Stadium and / or a hosting football club and representatives of the police are empowered to withdraw outside the Stadium any person who fails to comply with the requirements of the Rules outside, and to decide not to allow that person to visit the Stadium in the future;

6.4.  Reselling of tickets for football matches is strictly prohibited. In case if the law-enforcement officers withdraw from the reseller any tickets for football match bought on the basis of a season ticket,  the Stadium administration is entitled to invalidate such season tickets  without any refund as well as ban the people involved in resale from attending the stadium.