Ferrexpo - Головний спонсор

Oleg Morgun


Goalkeeping coach U-21

This person is one of those who gave Poltava a higher league. His confident actions at the last leg have allowed Vorskla to score a record 103 points in that season. And, importantly, Oleg Morgun is almost always in Poltava football. He was trained by his well-known goalkeeper Poltava team Stanislav Basyuk. Almost immediately Morgun began to play in the gate. He started his career in Simferopol "Tavriya", where he spent 4 years, a bit he stood for the Moscow CSKA, Odesa SKA and Shakhtar. And in 1987 he moved to Poltava, at Vorskla, which in 1988 was a bit short of going to the first alliance league. Then the team played only with enthusiasm - there was almost nothing but a complete stadium at home games. That's why in 1991 Morgun went to Bulgaria, in "Atyr" from Veliko Tyrnovo (brother of Poltava, by the way). There at one time played a few Poltava players, and Morgun with them became the champion of this country. Moreover, in 1994 together with "Levski" Morgun became the champion and owner of the Cup of Bulgaria! And next year, Oleg - again guarding the gate "Vorskla". With the advent of Kovtun's team, he got into the reserve, and soon he was tied up with professional performances. Twice in 2003, Morgun served as the head coach of Vorskla, worked as a youth academy in the name of Horpinko, and subsequently coaches of goalkeepers at Vorskla.