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UEFA Cup - 1997/98

Qualification round

«Daugava» (Riga, Latvia) - «Vorskla» - 1: 3

«Vorskla» - «Daugava» - 2: 1

Having occupied the third place in the championship of the country 96/97, «Vorskla» got the right to debut on the euro-arena. The Poltava team's start in the UEFA Cup succeeded - in the preliminary round, «Daugava», led by the famous Latvian coach Yuri Popkov, was defeated without special problems.

Qualifying Round

Anderlecht (Brussels, Belgium) - Vorskla - 2:0

«Vorskla» - «Anderlecht» - 0:2

The experience and skill of Enzo Schifo and Peeter Zetterberg could not help but affect - Vorskla fought to the end, but was forced to give way to the famous Anderlecht.

Intertoto Cup - 1998/99

The first round

Leipureur (Oulafsfjordur, Iceland) - Vorskla - 0: 3 - technical defeat

«Vorskla» - «Leipziger» - 3:0

In the team of hosts on the field came unregistered player, in addition, the referee in his report also reported on a number of organizational violations by the Icelanders. Therefore, the match was transformed into a formality.

Second round

AB Copenhagen (Denmark) - Vorskla 2:2

«Vorskla» - AB «Copenhagen» - 1: 1

Vorskla, after two drawings with the Danes, went on because of more goals scored on the road.

The third round

Fortuna (Sittard, Netherlands) - Vorskla - 3:0

Vorskla - Fortuna - 2:2

But the team of Bert van Maarvik turned out to be Poltava not «on the teeth», although in the first match everything could have developed differently, realize Andrei Khomin a penalty?


UEFA Cup 1999/2000

Qualifying Round

Vorskla - Rabotnichki (Skopje, Macedonia) - 2:0

«Rabotnichki» - «Vorskla» - 0:2

The first round

Vorskla - Boavista (Porto, Portugal) - 1:2

«Boavista» - «Vorskla» - 2:1

Having successfully overcome the Macedonian «barrier», «Vorskla» stumbled in Portuguese, giving way to Boavista in two tense matches.

UEFA Europa League 2009/2010

The 31st of May 2009 “Vorskla” won the historical trophy – Cup of Ukraine and deserved to play in Europa League. To be honest, it should be noticed, that “vorsklers” had this possibility anyway, because in 2008/2009 season they took the fifth place in Ukrainian Premiere league. There is only one difference – the starting round for “Vorskla”. As a winner of National cup “poltavers” was in “unseed” basket of Play-off round. It was necessary to beat “Benfica” (Lisbon, Portugal) in a two legs competition for going to the group stage. First – away, than – home.


«Benfica» (Lisbon, Portugal) - «Vorskla» (Poltava, Ukraine) - 4:0



Portugal. Lisbon. Stadium «Da Luz».

Goals: Di Maria 31, Cardozo 54, Saviola 57, Weldon, 77

«Benfica»: Kim, Shaffer, Luisão, Amorim, Javi Garcia, Cardozo (Weldon 75), Aimar, Coentrão (Ramirez 62), Di Maria, David Luiz, Saviola (80 Cesar Peixoto)

«Vorskla»: Dolganski, Despotovski, Dallku, Krasnopyorov, Markoski (Chichikov 87), Kulakov, Sachko (Januzi 46), Curri, Medvedev, Yarmash (Bezus 60), Esin

It is noteworthy that at the beginning of the first game “Vorskla” did not take a back seat to the eminent rival. However, half an hour away games, driven by their fans, confidently seized the initiative and defeated the inexperienced opponent.

«Vorskla» - «Benfica» - 2:1

Ukraine. Poltava. The stadium «Vorskla».

Goals: Sachko 48 Esin 74 - 60 Saviola

«Vorskla»: Dolganski, Despotovski, Dallku, Krasnopyorov, Markoski (Chesnakov 89), Kulakov, Sachko (Chichikov 72), Curri, Medvedev, Yarmash (Bezus 46), Esin.

«Benfica»: Moreira, Luisão, Javi Garcia, Ramirez (Ruben Amorim 71), Keirrison, Fábio Coentrão (Di Maria 63), Nuno Gomes (Saviola 46), Luis Filipe, David Luis, Peixoto, Sydney.

Despite the fact that the “Vorskla” managed to win a home game, two legs duel won Portuguese team.


UEFA Europa League 2011/2012

Won a sixth place of UPL in 2010/2011 season, “Vorskla” got another opportunity to play in UEL.

2nd Qualifying Round

«Glentoran» (Belfast, Northern Ireland) - «Vorskla» (Poltava, Ukraine) - 0:2

Belfast. Stadium «Oval».

Goals: Bezus 29, Januzi, 38

«Glentoran»: Hogg, Carson (O'Hanlon 76), Boyce (Burrows 80), Waterworth, Howland, Murray, Martin (O'Kane 76), Gibson, Cherry, Hill, McGovern.

«Vorskla»: Velichko, Kurilov, Chesnakov, Selin, Januzi, Zakarlyuka (Oberemko 65) Osipenko (Rebenok, 77), Krivosheenko, Bezus (Chichikov 82) Krasnopyorov, Dallku.

«Vorskla» - «Glentoran» (Belfast, Northern Ireland) – 3:0

Poltava. The stadium «Vorskla».

Goals: Januzi 33, Kurilov, 36, Januzi, 73.


«Vorskla»: Dolganski, Rebenok, Kurilov, Oberemko (Zakarlyuka 46) Chesnakov, Januzi, Krivosheenko (Asipenka 67), Markoski (Matveev, 46) Bezus, Dallku, Vovkodav.

«Glentoran»: Morris, Carson, Boyce, Johnston (Beggs 70), Howland, O'Hanlon (Murray 63), Kallaher (McGuigan 29), Taylor, Cherry, Hill, McGovern.

Poltava confidently dealt with by the British. In both matches, «Glentoran» was defeated.


3rd Qualifying Round

«Vorskla» (Poltava) - «Sligo» (Sligo, Ireland) - 0:0

Poltava. The stadium «Vorskla»

«Vorskla»: Velichko, Rebenok, Kurilov, Chesnakov, Selin, Januzi, Krivosheenko (Sachko 81), Markoski (Zakarlyuka 46), Bezus (Oberemko 73), Krasnopyorov, Dallku.

«Sligo»: Clarke, Greene (Doyle 63), McGuinness, Powell, N`do, Kirby, Kretaro (Deyvoren 79), Blinkhorn (Russell 90+3), Ryan, Pierce, Keane.

Unfortunately, Poltava could not win a third straight game in the Europa League. Having two completely different halves, «Vorskla» painted dry world with guests from Ireland.

«Sligo» - «Vorskla» - 0:2

Ireland. Sligo. Stadium «Shougrounds»

Goals: Zakarlyuka 16, Rebenok. 17

«Sligo»: Clarke, Greene (Doyle 55), McGuinness, Powell, N`do, Kirby, Kretaro (Russell 69), Blinkhorn (Dillon 69), Ryan, Ventre, Pierce.

«Vorskla»: Dolganski, Rebenok, Kurilov, Chesnakov, Selin, Zakarlyuka (Oberemko 46), Sachko (Bezus 68), Krivosheenko, Markoski, Krasnopyorov (Asipenka 80), Dallku.

However, in the second match Poltava literally two minutes issued exit in the playoffs the Europa League.


«Vorskla» (Poltava, Ukraine) - «Dinamo» (Bucharest, Romania) - 2:1

Poltava. The stadium «Vorskla».

Goals: Krivosheenko 31, Rebenok, 89 - Niculae, 58

«Vorskla»: Dolganski, Rebenok, Kurilov, Chesnakov, Selin, Januzi (Gromov 77), Krivosheenko (Barannik 87), Markoski (Oberemko 46) Bezus, Krasnopyorov, Dallku.

«Dynamo» BH : Belgredyan, Cosmin Moţi, Dănciulescu, Torje, Grigore, Skarlatake, Niculae (Ganea 86), Munteanu (Alex 75), Rack, Kone, Diyabate.

In the first match with the capital club from Romania were able to Poltava in the final seconds to snatch victory.

«Dinamo» - «Vorskla» 2:3

Romania. Bucharest. The stadium «Dynamo»

Goals: Torje 45 Tsukudyan 90 - Januzi 37 Barannik 72, 78

«Dinamo»: Belgredyan, Diyabate, Kone, Munteanu, Skarlatake (Stand 46), Gan, Buckeye (Tsukudyan 52) Torje (Cazacu 84) Dănciulescu, Rus, Cosmin Moţi.

«Vorskla»: Dolganskii, Matveev, Dallku, Krasnopyorov, Bezus (Oberemko 46) Markoski, Krivosheenko, Januzi (Barannik 64), Celine, Chesnakov, Child (Gromov, 82).

In the second match thanks to two goals Barannik, «Vorskla» achieves historic success. Now Poltava was to play in the group stage of the Europa League.

Group stage

1st round

«Copenhagen» (Copenhagen, Denmark) - «Vorskla» (Poltava, Ukraine) - 1:0

Copenhagen. Stadium «Parken»

Goal: Nordstrand 54 (pen.)

«Copenhagen»: Wieland, Bolaños, Delaney, Sigurdsson, Christensen (Absalonsen 68), Thomsen, N'Doye, Nordstrand (Santin 79), Grindheim, Ottesen, Bengtsson.

«Vorskla»: Dolganski, Rebenok (Gromov, 75), Kurilov, Chesnakov, Selin, Januzi (Sachko 87), Krivosheenko, Bezus (Barannik 69), Krasnopyorov, Dallku, Matveev.

If it had not been able to Poltava penalty used to take a draw from the capital of Denmark.

2nd round

«Vorskla» (Poltava) - «Hannover-96» (Hannover, Germany) - 1:2

Poltava. The stadium «Vorskla»

Goals: Kurilov 50 - Abdellaoue 32, Pander 44

«Vorskla»: Dolganski, Rebenok, Kurilov, Chesnakov (Markoski 75), Tkachuk, Selin, Sachko (Januzi 46), Krivosheenko (Gromov 85), Bezus, Krasnopyorov, Dallku

«Hannover»: Zieler, Stindl, Abdellaoue (Sobiech 76), Pander, Schultz (Rausch 85), Schlaudraff, Lala (Schmiedebach 65), Pinto, Cherundolo, Pogatetz, Huggy.

In an interesting confrontation between the German team could win.

3rd round

«Standard» (Liege, Belgium) - «Vorskla» (Poltava, Ukraine) 0:0

Belgium. Liege. Stadium «Maurice Dufresne»

«Standard»: Bolat, Muzhangi (Bachuayi 89), Van Damme (Gonzalez 51), Kanu, Venker Manuel Seijas, Byuyen (Butsaglo 83) Pocognoli, Siryak Felipe, Opara


«Vorskla»: Dolganski, Rebenok, Kurilov, Chesnakov, Tkachuk (Gromov, 88), Selin, Krivosheenko, Markoski (Oberemko 68) Bezus (Januzi 46) Krasnopyorov, Dallku

This draw was the first for the team in the group stage of the Europa League.

4th round

«Vorskla» - «Standard» - 1:3

Ukraine. Poltava. The stadium «Vorskla»

Goals: Kurilov5 - Manuel Seijas 16, Kanu 45+3, Chita 74

«Vorskla»: Dolganski, Dallku, Krasnopyorov, Markoski, Krivosheenko, Januzi (Gromov, 85), Selin, Chesnakov, Oberemko (Yesin 82), Rebenok, Kurilov, (Barannik 71)

«Standard»: Bolat, Mountain, Simao, Chita Siryak (Byuyen 71), Pocognoli, Manuel Seijas, (Gonzalez 87), Venker, Kanu, Van Damme, Muzhangi (Bachuayi 82)

After being defeated in the game, Poltava lost the chance to leave the group.

5th round

«Vorskla» - «Copenhagen» - 1:1

Ukraine. Poltava. The stadium «Vorskla»

Goals: Ndoye 31 (own goal) - Ndoye 37

«Vorskla»: Velichko, Dallku, Krasnopyorov, Bezus (Chesnakov 81) Markoski (Oberemko 69) Krivosheenko (Yesin 90+2), Peskov, Januzi, Selin, Rebenok, Kurilov.

«Copenhagen»: Wieland, Ottesen, Claudemir, Grindheim, Santin (Nordstrand 74), Pate Diouf (Bengtsson 46), Ndoye, Thomsen (Vingaard 46), Sigurdsson, Oviedo, Bolaños.

This second draw for «Vorskla» did not matter in terms of the tournament. However, «Hannover-96» and «Standard» ends with a draw thanks to Poltava and the Danes have issued early exit from the group.

6th round

«Hannover-96» - «Vorskla» 3:1

Germany. Hanover. Stadium “AWD-Arena”.

Goals : Rausch 24, Ya Konan, 33 Sobiech, 78 - Bezus, 45 (pen.)

«Hannover»: Miller, Pogatetz, Eggimann, Pinto (Schmiedebach 71), Lala, Sobiech, Ya Konan, Shahed (Avevor 81), Pander, Stindl (Shtoppelkamp 46), Rausch

«Vorskla»: Dolganski, Krasnopyorov, Bezus, Markoski, Krivosheenko (Gromov, 65), Peskov, Januzi (Barannik 84), Selin, Chesnakov, Oberemko (Tkachuk 72), Rebenok.

Last match today at group stage «Vorskla» had lost.

Europa League 2015/2016


3rd Qualifying Round

«Zilina» (Slovakia) - «Vorskla» - 2:0

Slovakia. Zilina. Stadium «Pod Dubnem»

Zilina - Vorskla 2:0

Goals: Jelic, 26, Paur, 73

Zilina: Voleshak, Mabuka (Shpalek, 19), Wavre Shkrinyar, Letichev, Paur, Benes (Shkvarka, 90+6), Piechovski, Kacher, Michalik (William, 83), Jelic

Vorskla: Bogush, Sapai, Dallku, E.Tkachuk, Siminin, Tursunov, Sklar (A.Tkachuk 85) Chesnakov, Gromov (Bartulovic, 77), Kovpak (Barannik, 80), Shinder

Red card: Bogush, 90.

In 63rd minute, Alexander Kovpak missed the penalty shoot.

«Vorskla» - «Zilina» (Slovakia) - 3:1

Ukraine. Poltava. The stadium «Vorskla»

Goal: Shinder 67, E. Tkachuk 90+1, Tursunov 101 (penalty), - William, 120+1.

Vorskla: Nepogodov, Sapai, E. Tkachuk, Dallku, Siminin (Perduta 46), Sklar (Mishchenko, 87), A. Tkachuk, Tursunov, Kovpak, Bartulovic (Barannik, 60), Shinder.

Zilina: Voleshak, Shpalek, Wavre, Shkriniar, Letichev (Guchkov, 118), Paur, Piechovski, Migalik (William, 78), Benes (Shkvarka, 73), Kacher, Jelic

Red card: Shpalek 100

«Vorskla» campaign for Euro trophy ended quickly and dramatically, Poltava were seconds from the commission of the deed.


Europa League 2016/2017

Third qualifying round

«Lokomotiva» (Zagreb, Croatia) - «Vorskla» - 0: 0

28 July. 20:00. Croatia. Zagreb. The stadium «Maksimir».

«Lokomotiva»: 12.Zahorats, 2.Bartolets, 5.Rozhman, 9.Maric, 10.Fiolic, 14.Ivanushets, 15.Peric, 16.Chorich, 18.Hrezda, 31.Kapan, 44.Maystrovich.

Subs: 23.Filipovich, 3.Karachich, 7.Mayer, 17.Chekichi, 30.Shunich, 36.Radonich, 40.Bochkay.

Head Coach: Tomislav Ivkovich.


«Vorskla»: 1.Shust, 3.Siminin, 4.Perduta, 6.Sklyar, 7.Kobahidze, 8.Tkachuk, 13.Hlobas, 17.Chesnakov (k) 54.Dytyatyev, 82.Rebenok, 99.Zarichnyuk.

Subs: 12.Nepohodov, 11.Bartulovich, 19.Odaryuk, 23.Sapai, 24.Barannik, 26.Kolomoyets, 39.Melnyk.

Head Coach: Vasyl Sachko.


2nd leg

«Vorskla» - Lokomotiva (Zagreb, Croatia) - 2:3

August 4. 20:00. Poltava. Stadium «Vorskla»

Goals: Peric 49 (own goal), Chesnakov 74 - Bochkay 1 Fiolich 53, Peric 65

«Vorskla»: Shust, Perduta, Dytyatyev, Chesnakov, Sapai (Rebenok 60), Tkachuk, Sklar (Golodyuk 70) Kobakhidze, Bartulovych (Zarichnyuk 74) Kolomoets, Hlobas.

Subs: Nepohodov, Odaryuk, Kvasniy, Pylyavskyy.

«Lokomotiva»: Zahorats, Bartolets, Maystrovic, Peric, Rozhman, Capa, Ćorić, Hrezda, Bochkay (Chekichi 68) Fiolich (Shunich 80) Maric (Radonich 66).

Subs: Filipovic, Karachich, Mayer, Ivanushets.