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"Vorskla" - "Karpaty" - 0:0

Improve the mood before Easter, replenish the spectacle reserve and make your own fans happy with the game - the minimum program that the Vorskla players tried to play in the game with the Karpaty.
Already at the start Lviv almost succeeded when Klots went to the gates of Shusta, and fortunately, the Poltava keeper read the situation, in time went to the interception, although this was subjected to minor damage. On the field appeared doctors, but, thank God, Bogdan was able to continue.
Let's note the worthy debut of defender Taras Sakov from the starting minutes, the same can be said about the first game in the Premier League defender Oleg Ostapenko, who changed the position of Alexander Chizhov, who, limping out of the field at the end of the game. Not bad dispersed the attack of the hosts Sharpar, Child and Myakushko, who is celebrating his 24th Birthday today. In the attack, the truth is that somewhere there was not enough concentration, and in some ways, not trivial was luck. But in the efforts of the Vorskyans, you definitely will not refuse.
This applies, in particular, to Zagorulco. "Artifacts", "Artifacts", "Artifacts", "Artifact".
The second part of the game was affected by the activity of the crumbs, which he tried very hard on his day, and subtle programs after Sergei's spectacular individual actions did not find the proper continuation. At the 70th minute of the "dozen" "Vorskla" famously and strongly struck by goals, and Borovik fulfilled his bread by one hundred percent. Two minutes before the end of the main time, a dangerous blow from the free Klets punched Shust. The four referees added minutes to the result did not affect, and the team, thanking each other for the game, dispersed to divided places, where they were already waiting for the in-command coach's analysis of flights in the hot pursuit.