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Pari-Match League. 22 tour. 18 March. Poltava. Stadium "Vorskla"

"Vorskla" (Poltava) - "Zirka" (Kropivnitskiy) 0:0

"Vorskla": Shust - Perduta, Chesnakov, Chizhov, Rebenok - Tkachuk, Kravchenko (Zagorulko 46) - Odaryuk (Zarichnyuk 84) Sharpar, Myakushko - Hlobas

Coach: Vasyl Sachko

"Zirka": Lopka - Polehenko, Borja, Pereira Batsula - Chichikov (Popov 90) Lupashko, Drachenko, Bilonog (Akimenko 46) - Sitalo (Zhukov 80) - Eseola

Coach: Roman Monarov

Booked: Chesnakov 24 Perduta 59, Chizhov 68 - 54 Drachenko, Chichikov 60

To support the "white-green" in this game came only most devoted supporters of the team. Those for whom it does not matter with whom and under what weather conditions there is a match at home stadium. Before the game, you've seen the story in the operational channel "Football 1" and up to match the photos on our site, held a short meeting ultras "Vorskla" with head coach Vasyl Sachko. 12th player in songs and expressed their absolute support coach "Vorskla".
The game of Kropivnitskogo "star" that last round put shovels in Kiev "Dynamo" (2: 0) "Vorskla" was a step to victory. It seemed just about Hlobas, Myakushko, Poltava and other Zagorulko did reach her, but the visitors Lopka literally performed miracles in the "box", taking out everything that flew into the match his team. Final 0:0, may leave a light feeling from that team Vasyl Sachko still deserved to win in this confrontation and, we hope that the first taken in the spring point will be the starting point in the case, which seek to managers and coaches "Vorskla ".