When the match is not only 90 minutes ...

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When the match is not only 90 minutes ...

Photo by Nikolai Zatovankyuk
August 12, 2017, 17:00. Kiev. Obolon Arena. +36 degrees

"Stal" (Kamenske) - "Vorskla" (Poltava) 0:1

Goal: Ardin Dallku (90)

"Stal": Penkov, Tymchyk, Daniyelyan, Grachev, Mikha, Gor Malakyan (Yakymiv, 86), Edgar Malakyan, Meskhi, Zaderaka (Nehayev 66), Mysyk (Kostenko, 78), Kuzyk.

"Vorskla": Tkachenko, Perduta, Dallku, Chizhov, Matviyenko, Chesnakov, Sharpar, Kadimyan (Kulach, 74), Kravchenko (Zagorulko, 68), Child (Lutsenko, 90+4), Kolomoiets.

Warning: Yakymiv - Sharpar, Kravchenko

At 20 minutes, from different flanks, they tried to find their destination recipient in the penalty area Rebenok, and then Kadynyam - without result. Four minutes later, "steelmakers" overtook their "standard" near the gate Tkachenko, resulting in a referee caught a foul in the attack.

On the 26th minute, Vorskla would have to step forward. The connection to the chessman's corner kick was fired by the central defenders of the Kamyan team, and the captain of the "white-green" from the acute angle launched the projectile next to the long barbell - the first truly dangerous episode of the game. Soon the Kolomoiets gave away to the goalie. George headed the ball near the post, besides the linesman signaled offside in the episode. What kind of a chance was the 34th minute of Rebenok, strike a goal after a strike from the right edge, but the ball after the strike hit the lawn, sweeping past the gates. 

The start of the second half showed that the "dry" score does not satisfy both teams, because the opponents exchanged several acute attacks. By the time, something did not stick to the development of attacks through the flanks, moreover, both teams began to fool more. Perhaps the fault of the suffocation, which literally tested the players. Realizing that the attack needed fresh blood, mentor Poltava wife Zagorulko released on the field by clearing the game Kravchenko, who had earned a "yellow card" when not managed by their counterparts on the wing, and had openly violate. The defense of "Stal" sighed with relief, and on the bundle Kadimyan passed the change of Kulach - all the forces in the attack. Ten minutes before the end of the main game time, Poltava players earn a penalty on the right flank. The child filed, and Chizhov, striking his head, did not hit the gate plane. "Stal" responded to a dangerous penalty Malakyan-senior, who hit the goal net from the outside. The child was cool, but with a little emphatically riding on Kolomoytsya's run, Yuri did not hang on the ball. And just perfectly worked out theVorsklers defense, eliminating the threat on the 87th minute on the counterattack of the stone team. In the penultimate minute Sharparu prevented the score from close range after the filing of the child, but he Sharpar in due hrosmeysterskomu style gave the course Ardin Dallku who, leaving behind the defense of "sustainable" friends of the goal, and in the billiard ball exactly put under Far down bar - 0:1.

At the last minute had yet to debut in the Premier League 20-year-old pupil of Poltava football Alexey Lutsenko, and soon there was a referee whistle that signaled the victory vorsklyan exit.

Press office of Vorskla FC
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