Arthur Zagorulko: "Principal victory for us"

29.07.2017 20:03:34 | July 2017 | version for printing
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Arthur Zagorulko: "Principal victory for us"

Arthur Zagorulko, the author of the victorious goal at the gate of the urinating "Zirka" Arthur Zagorulko, talked with journalists in a mix-zone for a few minutes immediately after the game ended.

"Today the weather has made the match difficult. The game essentially went to the goal scored. We have serious challenges for this season, so success was extremely important. Today's victory for us was fundamental, because we could not beat the "Star" in the last championship. I will tell you that before the game was a foreboding that I will kill today, even told Vadim Sapay (smiling). At the moment, I do not remember the combination of emotions, after which we scored the second goal. The ball fell well on my leg, I have to bet on one day... "

FC Vorskla press office 

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