"Vorskla" - " Zirka " - 2:1

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"Vorskla" - " Zirka " - 2:1

"Vorskla" - " Zirka " - 2:1

July 29, 2017, 19:30, Poltava, stadium "Vorskla".

Goals: Oganisyan (20, owngoal), Zahorulko (84) - Drachenko (25)

"Vorskla": Shust, Perduta, Dallku, Chizhov, Matvienko, Kravchenko (Zagorulko, 68), Chesnakov, Kadimyan, Sharpar, Rebenok (Odaryuk, 71), Kolomoets (Kulach, 90).

"Zirka": Past, Fatye, Kacharaba, Kovaliov, Polehenko, Drachenko, Zahalskyy, Gedj (Drishlyuk 86) Ogannisyan (Chichikov, 61), Pryadun, Eseola (Panfilov, 76).

The first half made it clear to the masters of the field that there can be no speech about any easy walk. Zirka was assembled, at the first better chance it was going forward, and, given the rain, which always alleviated the real balance of forces on the field, one could hope for individual skill, but also the will of the will. The home side was awarded a penalty kick after 20 minutes. Rebenok gave to Kadimyan, who, in the fight against the defender of the urinating team, managed to implement common efforts in the goal - 1:0. Than twice Bogdan Shust rescued his team from seemingly inevitable goal, but on the 25th minute, "red-yellow" guests stayed for too long in the "Vorskla" court area, resulting in unsuccessfully knocking the ball off the penalty And the exact impact of Drachenko on that - 1:1.

In the second half, sometimes the desire to score anything hindered the meaningfulness of the team's actions. Unfortunately, several attempts by the owners of the field to hit the Star's goal though hinted at success, but "hardly" in football is not counted. At 74 minutes was close to the success of Kolomoets, thinly from the left pointing the ball in the corner - a bit inaccurate. Kadimyan was severely punched ten minutes before the completion of the main time of the meeting. In the "frame" hit, but kicked out this ball. Soon, the guys of Roman Monarev almost did not upset Vorsklyan in a counterattack, but when the ball fell on Zahorulko's foot, after which the score was 2:1, nobody had ever mentioned the previous unpleasant episode. It was not easy for Vorsklers to win this victory; the team certainly spent a lot of moral and physical strength, but the more pleasant it was to take the result before the next very responsible exam in another home game - against the Dynamo Kyiv.

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