"Vorskla" wins in Lviv

23.07.2017 16:11:01 | July 2017 | version for printing
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"Vorskla" wins in Lviv

Sharpar is the hero of the match and can accept congratulations from the partners
Karpaty - Vorskla - 1:3

UPL, 2 round. July 23, 2017, 17:00. Lviv, stadium "Ukraina".

Goals: Ribas, 17 - Kolomoets, 5, Sharpar, 49, Odaryuk, 90 + 1.

"Karpaty": Mysak, Nesterov, Pereira, Miroshnichenko, Osman (Lobai, 79), Arkes, Klotz, Golodyuk (Karaskal, 58), Khudobyak (k), Chachua (Debelko, 62), Ribas.
Spare: Pidkivka, Gutsulyak, Busko, Tkachuk.
Coach: Sergio Navarro.

"Vorskla": Shust, Perduta, Sklyar, Kadimyan, (Odaryuk, 73), Kulach (Kravchenko, 59), Sharpar, Chesnakov (k), Matvienko, Kolomoiets (Zahorulko, 83), Dallku, Rebenok.
Spare: Tkachenko, Ostapenko, Tkachuk, Sapai.
Coach: Vasyl Sachko.
Warning: Chesnakov, 14, Sharpar, 62, Sklyar, 80, Odaryuk, 85 - Pereira, 65.

Already in the second minute, Karpaty organized a very dangerous attack. Khudobaik crossed from the right flank, the pass turned out very good, but Chachua, who struck his head in an uncovered corner, hit the post, and after Dallku coldblooded deflated the situation in the penalty area. Vorskla answered with the goal. Today's Birthday Rebenok crossed from the free kick, Sharpar on a far post sent the ball parallel to the goal line and Kolomoyets punched the football into the net. Poltava's leadership was only ten minutes long. Khudobyak shot from the right flank on the foot of Ribas, and he restored the balance in the match - 1:1. The Poltava players could answer, after the corner Kadimyan stroke and Mysak pulled out the ball from the corner. After that Dallku also after an corner punched by the goal, but Mysak did his job well. 

At the beginning of the second half, Sharpar in the center “robbed” Arques, so he arranged an attack four to two. Vyacheslav passed the center given to Kolomoiets, received a pass in response and struck the goal gently - 1:2. Then, after a couple of substitutes and two yellow cards, they had a great shot on the flank of Kadimyan and Perduta, the last crossed to Kolomoiets, Yuri stroke his head, but Mysak parried. The game in the second half completely calmed down on the hands of the players Vorskla. Suddenly, Vasily Sachko's warden managed to "cement" his victory. Rebenok and Sharpar were a long time advised how to play a free-kick, then Vyacheslav scuffled away from the ball, respectively, the defenders did not pay attention to him. Suddenly, Rebenok gave to Sharpar, 11th "Vorskla" unexpectedly for many (and most importantly – to “Karpaty”) receive on this pass and gave to the center. And there Odaryuk from the second attempt (the first blow repulsed Mysak) irrevocably knocked the goal - 1:3. Thus, we have a sure win of Vorskla, three points in the "tournament" and three points of Sharpar's hockey system goal + pass.
Vorskla FC press office 

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