"Vorskla" wins the Prestige Cup!

31.05.2017 19:10:51 | May 2017 | version for printing
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"Vorskla" wins the Prestige Cup!

"Stal" - "Vorskla" - 0:0

May 31, 2017. 17:00. Dnipro. The stadium "Meteor".

"Stal": Bandura, Stamenkovich, Kravchenko, Shabanov, Kalenchuk, Karasyuk, Debelko (Karikari, 64) Klimchuk, Kuzyk (Vasin, 63), Leandro, Deul (Malakyan, 88)

"Vorskla": Shust, Sapai, Chesnakov, Chizhov, Perduta, Dallku, Rebenok, Sharpar, Tkachuk (Sklar, 46), Hlobas (Zagorulko 62) Odaryuk (Myakushko, 85)

Warning: Karasyuk (41), Kalenchuk (78), Kravchenko (79) - Supai (39), Perduta (69) Dallku (75), Shust (78) Chesnakov (80).

Teams plays a draw, which means that the gap between the teams remained one point, and this trophy for vorsklers. The first ever Ukrainian Premier League!

In the initial 15 minutes neither team could boast of sharp actions at the gate. Despite the fact that recently "Vorskla" and "Stal" met in Poltava still allocated a time for exploration and definition of the weaknesses of each other. The first truly acute episode in vorsklyan represented Hlobasa, who entered the penalty area from the left edge, a strong shot to the left, and the ball went straight into the arms Bandura. 

In the second half the team immediately active zaruhalys. "Stal" once threatened to "frame" Shust after kick from outside the danger area - keeper a corner and Poltava marked their wish to take the lead after a corner, fed the child and blow over the gate Hlobasa. After this replacement thirteenth issue was ninth - Arthur Zagorulko. In a fast counterattack fresh attack ran forward and kicked out of the defense - in the hands his header was "Stal".

"Vorskla" takes first place among the teams standings in the second six Premier League in season 2016/2017.

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