Defeat in Kropyvnytskyi

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Defeat in Kropyvnytskyi

April 8, 2017. 17:00. Kropyvnytskyi. Stadium "Star". 

24 League round of Pari-Match.

"Star" - "Vorskla" - 1: 0

Goal: Borja Ekiza (60)

"Star": Past, Ekiza, Polehenko, Pereira, Lupashko, Bilonog (Eseola 65), Sitalo, Fateev, Zahalskyy (Akimenko 59) Zbun, Chichikov (generous, 77)

Acting Head Coach: Roman Monarov

"Vorskla": Sarnavsky, Chesnakov (Dallku, 5), Chizhov, Perduta, Sapaa, Myakushko, Kravchenko, Tkachuk (Sakiv, 76) Rebenok, Hlobas (Zagorulko 67) Odaryuk

Head Coach: Vasyl Sachko

Warning: Sapai (38) Dallku (67) Odaryuk (69), Sakiv (85) Perduta (90)

Hits 10 - 6

In the plane 4 - 2

Corner 7 - 3

Offsides 1 - 6

Fouls 11 - 23

* According to the channel "Football 2"

 Already at the start of the game Poltavites could take the lead after a spectacular individual actions Myakushko and Past blocking the shot "ten" "Vorskla" in the near corner. And another unpleasant episode marked the first minute, the fight with former teammate Chichikov suffered damage captain Chesnakov, and only with the help of doctors leave the field. A few minutes later a replacement was Ardin Dallku. Because of health problems could not take the field in this game by one of the goals in the last round Sharpar. His replacement at the position Odaryuk. His real chance to score home team had 15 minutes in the face of Borja and his header went past the "frame". In general, the first half is not pobaluvav fans of the game the number one beautiful sweeping attacks on both sides, and combinations action guests were still more handsome appearance with a hint of the future in the second half. The ending score remember how partners are thrown into the breach Zahalskoho and a couple of Sapai Dallku eliminated the threat in the bud, and then in the fight against Zbunem on the lawn in the penalty area was Myakushko and referee for a penalty even thought to ask.

 The beginning of the second half, the territorial advantage "Stars" and too inaccurate kick Bilonoha. In response to "Vorskla" quick counterattack, Hlobas moved from the center to the entrance of the left penalty given to a child, but a skilled player is not given a successful transfer along the gate where vbihaly multiple Vorsklyan. After 52 minutes, two real scoring chances in attack in a team Basil net. First Kravchenko strong shot from far away, and finishing moves Tkachuk blocked by a defender and the second rate Perduta Odaryuka brought to the gate, but after efforts to strike from an awkward position spared ball goal, and he openly upset by the episode.

 Drawing a corner on 60 minutes brought the success of "Star." After Sarnavsky fist knocked the ball itself, first in rebounds was Borja. Spanish legionnaire kropyvnychchan left foot from close range struck the gate "Vorskla". Further game went on a collision course, which was seen a great desire Vorsklyan score. Tkachuk advanced toward the gate, but the entrance to the danger area Andrew rigidly stopped. Subsequently, after hitting his head Zagorulko ball was a little crossbar. Less than ten minutes before the end of normal time to strike a middle distance left dared child. Cool the execution kick Paul took over the cross bar gate pasta. After a corner from the right foot turns trying to score Odaryuk and Kravchenko, and the players "Stars" able to reflect. With 89 minutes played Polehenko dangerous free kick, however his shot went near the right post.

 Desperate to Poltava attacked the very final whistle, and, unfortunately, leveling the score of the day and did not come.

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