"Vorskla" - "Volyn" - 2:0

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"Vorskla" - "Volyn" - 2:0

Pari Match League. Group 2. 23 tour. 1 April. Poltava. Stadium "Vorskla" 

"Vorskla" (Poltava) - "Volyn" (Lutsk) 2: 0

Goals: Sharpar 34, Hlobas, 62 

"Vorskla": Sarnavsky - Sapai, Chesnakov, Chizhov, Rebenok - A.Tkachuk (Kunyev 79) D.Kravchenko - Hlobas (Zagorulko 85), Sharpar, Myakushko - Odaryuk (Sakiv 88).

Coach: Vasyl Sachko

"Volyn": Kychak - Teterenko, R.Nykytyuk, Miha, Shapoval - Romaniuk (Zaderetskyy 78), Loginov, Gerasimyuk, Memeshev (Dudik 46) - Petrov, Didenko (Lyashenko 59).

Trainer: Vitaly Kvartsyanyy

Warning: Rebenok, 17, Chizhov, 27, Sharpar 45 - Miha, 9 Nykytyuk, 90 + 2

The yard has a rather warm spring weather, the stands of the stadium in Poltava somewhere to thousands of the most loyal fans, two dozen avtofaniv and bright 22 sector, which today became an accomplice if the second goal. And this bit below.

The faces of Poltava players who line up before entering the field teams in pidtrybunnomu tunnels, concentration, each of his thoughts, but the goal is still the only - the first victory of the spring. Vorsklyany supporters say the least, has long been guilty, and has a real actions reabilitovuvatysya. The great desire of the home team to win a positive result in the reporting of the meeting was noticeable to the naked eye. Success came after 34 minutes Myakushko gave a brilliant pass to Sharpar. Ex-player of "Volyn" on the road to beat the gate keeper, and put the ball in the already empty "box".

In the second 45, creating a scene for the episode, and implementation fans repeatedly forced to clutch at his head. Voltage took 63 minutes Hlobas that after a cross Myakushko ran one-on-one with Kychak and calmly doubled his team's advantage. A lot of time and points to score the team had in the time that remained until the end of the game (Myakushko, Hlobas, Sakiv, which debuted officially), and the score remained unchanged. The first official victory "Vorskla" in the spring part of the championship, and fans hope that the team will try and progress.

Press service of FC "Vorskla"
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