Seven minutes from the "other" match ... (+ photos)

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Seven minutes from the "other" match ... (+ photos)

Pari-Match League. March 11, 2017, 14:00. Poltava. Stadium "Vorskla".

"Olimpic" - "Vorskla" - 3:2 (0:1)

Goals: Moha (65) Hryshko (70) Matyazh (72) - Hlobas (20) Zagorulko (60)

"Olimpic": Makharadze, Partsvaniya, Grishko, Emerson, Nemchaninov, Tsymbaliuk (Homutov, 46), Bogdanov (Brikner, 87), Moha, Hoshkoderya, Shestakov (Gryn, 46), Matyazh.

"Vorskla": Sarnavskiy, Perduta, Chizhov, Chesnakov, Rebenok, Sharpar, Kravchenko, Myakushko, Odaryuk (Kunev, 83) Hlobas, Zagorulko.

Booked: Bogdanov, Homutov, Matyazh - Hlobas, Sharpar.

What is happening in the soul of the head coach that makes a great reserve to solve the problem in a particular match, but seven minutes in some incredible way misses three (!) goals... We have no right to criticize the team with enforced perspective on the game settings, but hide his disappointment as loyal fans, are not able to. When Hlobas put the ball exactly who will qualify for one of the best in the whole season, soul fan "Vorskla" blossomed as the first tree in spring. And as we all rejoiced when Zagorulko nod after filing child nominal doubled the advantage guests of the meeting in the second half! Bar gate Makharadze treacherously laughed selfless strike from long range Myakushko and would be 3:0, and we will be with you just talked about quite a different outcome of the match.

Segment meeting of the 65th to the 72nd minute though was unscheduled embedded "pseudo-director" in the installation script with some other match Moha, Hryshko and Matyazh torn Poltava defense, multiplying by zero all efforts vorsklers this time. The chance to snatch at least a draw in "Vorskla" was and Donetsk residents selflessly defended by proving meeting to the finish. Poltavites, unfortunately all fans have now satisfied matches for places in the second "Six".

FC "Vorskla" press-office


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