`Vorskla" - "Zoria" - 1:2

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`Vorskla" - "Zoria" - 1:2

"Vorskla" - "Zoria" - 1: 2

"Vorskla" (Poltava) - "Zoria" (Luhansk) 1: 2

Pari-Match League, 20th round. March 5, 2017, 17-00. Poltava stadium "Vorskla".

Goals: Sharpar 73 (pen.) - Grechyshkin 24, Kalitvintsev 45+1 (pen).

"Vorskla": Shust, Rebenok, Chizhov, Kravchenko, Chesnakov, Hlobas, Sharpar, Myakushko, Zagorulko, Tkachuk (Odaryuk 62) Perduta

"Dawn": Shevchenko, Sobol, Checher, Bonaventure,H rechyshkin, Kalytvyntsev, Forster (Haratin 46), Lipartia (Babenko 78), Petryak (Paulino 67), Tchaikovsky, Suhotskii.

Warning: Chizhov 23, Tkachuk 55 - Tchaikovsky 56/

Vorsklers coaches had a huge expectation before this second leg, and asked their players that they were able to turn into a holiday the match-opening of the spring season in Poltava. Where miscalculated, which did not have that luck is not luck, and so on - it is pathos thematically closer to football experts. From the standpoint of the fans is obvious that the home team has played two completely different halves, and, by and large, Vorsklers afterburner turned on only once to reduce to a minimum. Potential is able to play, but you need to believe in ourselves, and continue to work hard. Supporters of the team will never stall on the whistle when animals demonstrate a desire on the field, fight, despite the expense, which highlights its board.

FC "Vorskla" press-office
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