Kolo-goal back in business

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Kolo-goal back in business

"Chornomorets" - "Vorskla" 1:2
12th round of the League of Pari-Match season 2016/2017. October 23, 2016. 19:30. Odesa. Stadium "Chornomorets".

Goals: Kolomoets (53, 79) - Korkishko (48)

Yurii Kolomoyets’ two goals again gave the away victory to Vasyl Sachko’s team...

In the starting round of the first round in Poltava pass through beautiful individually and in a clear blow in billiards far post Hlobasa vorsklers celebrated the victory with a minimum score. During the time that elapsed before the reporting team play Alexander Babich had, so to speak, among other teams to get the custom to Ukrainian football elite, and is demonstrating Mighty football, fighting for the high level of the League standings Pari-Match.

The hosts at the start of the meeting ran into the attack, apparently hoping for a quick capture of the gate, and guests of Poltava was ready to quietly read the game. Defensive. First among artists both teams who dared to strike on goal was the Croatian legionnaire of "white-green" Mladen Bartulović. The ball was in the hands Borovik. Korkishko in a counterattack struck from the middle distance, and Nepohodov coped with this threat. Odesians guests superior in possession, however the game was still more balance. The output of the first half hour Tursunov punched with "standard" from outside the penalty area - close to the right post. At the end of the first half "sailors" no longer keep up with the fast attacks vorsklers therefore the referee recorded violation on the outskirts of the danger area home side. Bartulovic performed and penalties, and corners, unfortunately, neither one nor the other game components not found worthy completion of the teammates. After the offside, which climbed Perduta, the judge gave the whistle to end the first half, and the team got fifteen minutes on how to analyze the first part of the game, making the correct conclusions.

Despite the fact that from the start of the second half players "Vorskla" go, and flew score. After 49 minutes, striker "Chernomorets" Dmitry Korkishko broke between several defenders of Poltava wife, and managed to keep the ball on the "frame" Nepohodova - no reason for joy vbolivalnytskoyi numerous audience in the stadium, and confusion in the eyes of Poltava...

Moreover, put up with such illogical course of events this match guests clearly not wanted. With 54 minutes gave Golodyuk aimed Kolomoyets pass forward, which pushed defense struck near corner Borovik - 1: 1! Soon Tursunov punched from long retired, and the gate is does not score. The answer was an attempt from Odesa Smirnov, who clipped the ball into the far corner, and the bar played at Poltava team.

If we compare the first and second halves, the impression that if both teams replaced, so strikingly increased the tempo of the game, but two scored early score goals, many acute episodes occurred near each other and at other gates. After 79 minutes, vorsklers earned the right corner, who performed Bartulovic, and the distant boom of Kolomoets a half-shot, and the ball ricocheted from the bar dived to the net "Chernomorets" - 1: 2! Tretyakov Odessa on the 86th again tested for strength Poltava stable gate and Golodyuk too high over the bar struck free kick in reply. Nepohodov still managed, as often happens at the end of the game when your team ahead, earn a yellow card for which, however, offended no one keeper will not, because the most important thing - winning "Vorskla" which broke its losing series, which lasted until that as many as four matches.

FC "Vorskla" press-office
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