"Vorskla" - "Shakhtar" - 1: 0

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"Vorskla" - "Shakhtar" - 1: 0

LPM. 8 round. 18 September 2016 19:30. Poltava. Stadium "Vorskla".

Goals: Tyson, 54.

One of the key matches of the tour, which came «Vorskla» and «Shakhtar», will be remembered for a lot of fighting to the last minute. That endgame fight Poltava had chances to draw. And everything in order.

I must say that started "Vorskla" lively, already making a fourth minute corner. Poltavites though hinted that the favorite in this match wouldn`t be. "Shakhtar" conducted an attack in response, Tyson checked nerves Nepohodov long-range strike.

The first dangerous moment - the visitors' lead. Ismaili punched from an acute angle after a cross from Dentinho - high. "Shakhtar" had a ball, but dangerous attacks is not reached. At least at 30 minute match. But at the end of half an hour the game was supermoment guests. Tyson shot along the goal line and Dentinho line of the box shot above. It was the most dangerous episode of the entire first half.

And immediately "Vorskla" made an emergency substitute. Tkachuk, in an episode that took place before, landed badly in the fight against the rival, prematurely left the field, and was replaced by Sklar. Actually, the rest of the first half was not rich in interesting moments. The teams exchanged penalties with crosses. If "Vorskla" could even catch ball after filing (albeit unsuccessfully), then cross the player "Shakhtar" Fred was generally very inaccurate, and therefore the recipient but he found.

In the second half forced substitution did also Fanseka Paulo Rakitskiy left field and Kucher entered the game. After five minutes of "Shakhtar" was able to score. After protracted attack went pass in district 11-meter mark, defender Pylyavskyy could interrupt transmission, but the ball zrykoshetyv to Tyson, who struck exactly in the corner - 0: 1. Immediately "miners" had two points, and organized by Marlos. After the first attack, saved Nepohodov, and after the second, in another opportunity, Tursunov passed ball from the goal line.

It seemed that after such a surge of activity in the game will be calm. But another thought was "Shakhtar". First, Eduardo did not have just a few centimeters in order to lock backache left. Then Malyshev few meters from the ball in Nepohodova that time "pulled" distance, taking a step toward an opponent. Then dangerously Tyson punched the ball whizzed past the far corner. A Brazilian left without a "double". Still further game calmed down. Fred punched from outside the penalty – far from the target. "Miners" controlled the ball at half field masters. Later, Poltava still rivals pushed on and held several potentially dangerous canopies.

In Poltava more time, trying anything to snatch a draw, but a flurry of filings in the penalty area led to a covenant not arms. Although those moments Poltava almost all staff attacked Gate "miners", but the tide has turned from Poltava.

FC "Vorskla" press office

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