Vorskla - Olexandria - 2: 1

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Vorskla - Olexandria - 2: 1

Vorskla - Olexandria - 2: 1

Friendly game. 4 September. 2016 16-00. Poltava. Vorskla Stadium.

Goals: Chesnakov, 10, Pylyavskyy, 70 - Shendrik 75.

Vorskla (1st half): Shust, Perduta, Rebenok, Dytyatyev, Pylyavskyy, Chesnakov, Zagorulko, Kravchenko, Tursunov, Bartulovic, Kolomoets.

Vorskla (2nd half): Tkachenko, Siminin, Dallku, Pylyavskyy (Ostapenko, 75) Sapai, Tkachuk, Sklyar, Zarichnyuk, player on view, Tursunov (Odaryuk 68) Zagorulko (Miller, 75).

The start of the match was slow. Of the rest, over time, began to emerge moments. Forward Alexandria struck bypass blow Shust fingertips changed the direction of the ball flight, diverting it to the post. Vorskla responded effectively. A cross from the left, the ball bounced to Chesnakov and Vladimir placed the ball on goal - 1:0. The second dangerous moment came in Poltava Zagorulko when shot from a sharp angle, the visitors deflected shot and Bartulovic tried to play on the rebound - failed. Actually remaining half vorsklers most of the ball, and constantly attacked. At the end of half Alexandria was able to organize a counterattack, but Poltava affected.

The first dangerous moment in the second half created Tursunov. Sanjar dragged the ball through the entire field and a strong shot into the near corner. Goalkeeper cope with this blow. The second moment had Zagorulko. Striker cool beat a defender in the penalty shot and the accuracy - the goalkeeper saved. Immediately after it was corner from which accurate header scored Pylyavskyy - 2:0. After a corner five minutes later and was able to distinguish guests. The ball on Shendrik’s account - 2: 1. Then teams exchanged attacks and promising to put failed anyone.

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